Ballinger Family Advent Calendar Picks for 2023

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Advent calendars have become a beloved tradition for our family. They add a touch of excitement and mystery to the holiday season. Over the years, we have opened calendars featuring anything from Hot Wheels to Hot Sauce; and now it’s time to unveil each of our picks for the 2023 holiday season.

The Calendars We Chose and Why

Advent calendars are a fantastic way to build anticipation and spread holiday cheer. Each day, you open a little door or window to reveal a hidden surprise. It’s a simple pleasure that captivates children and adults alike. The tradition is a daily reminder that Christmas is on its way, filling each day with excitement and a little extra magic.

Every year we change up what type of advent calendar we open based on our interests. We found some very cool ones this year, and we are excited to open them and share what’s inside with you all.

Chris’ pick this year is sort of a re-do from a few years ago. The last magic-themed Advent calendar that he tried was filled with plastic toys that were anything but magical. This year we have higher hopes for the magic tricks in this calendar. The National Geographic calendar features recognizable magic tricks and science experiments.

Teddy (age 2) is looking forward to opening the doors to his Bluey calendar. He really enjoys the show and pointed out the calendar as his pick from a selection of calendars. Filled with figurines and accessories from the show, it should be a lot of fun to watch him open the calendar up. The recommended age for this calendar is 3+, so we plan to supervise play with any small parts.

Jacob (age 14) usually goes for some version of LEGO Advent calendar. This version features many of your favorite characters from the MCU dressed up with tacky Christmas sweaters and other festive details.

Bailey (age 16) LOVES escape rooms, board games, and mystery stories. That’s why choosing this calendar was a no-brainer. This large box boasts of a compelling puzzle to unravel as you open each Advent door.

Parker (age 10) loves squishy toys. He is looking forward to seeing which Christmas-themed squishy figurines he’ll get in this advent calendar.

Luke (age 4) is excited to open up his calendar to find little toys of winter creatures and packets of PlayFoam. What is PlayFoam? It’s like clay or slime made with a styrofoam texture. The bright sensory foam can be molded into any shape and will never dry out. This is another toy that has an age recommendation that’s a little older- It’s recommended for 5+. We plan to supervise play, especially since it could get messy!

The only thing Duncan (age 6) loves more than crafts is penguins, and this Advent Calendar features a PENGUIN CRAFT! This is the largest calendar of the bunch, and it should be filled with the supplies you need to build a bunch of fun holiday themed crafts.

Jessica’s choice this year is a selection of licorice flavors from Denmark. This seems like a very different and adventurous experience. Jessica loves licorice and is excited to try the different versions and is hoping they’re big enough to share!

A Fun Family Tradition

Opening the Advent Calendars has become a fun daily event for our family. We all sit and watch each person discover what is behind their calendar’s door. Each advent calendars provides an opportunity to bond with our family, create memories, and add an extra layer of warmth to the holiday season.

Where to Find More Advent Calendars

If you’re curious about more Advent countdown options from this year and past years, you can explore a full list here. This list includes a wide range of calendars to suit various preferences, ensuring you find the perfect one for your family. 

With a wide selection of calendars available, you’re sure to find one that suits your family’s interests and creates cherished memories. So, start the countdown, embrace the tradition, and make this December a season to remember with your favorite advent calendar in hand.


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